Acoustic Consultancy

Experts in the practice of noise and vibration control

Entertainment Noise

Control noise from your event or venue.


Eliminate noise break-out or prevent noise intrusion.

National Standards and Guidance

Knowledge of the most recent standards and guidance documents.

When talking about Acoustic Consultancy, many people think about soundproofing. Acoustic consultants are a specialist form of engineering consultancy involved in the analysis and control of Noise and Vibration. Typically noise consultants will provide advice, or specification, to protect the amenity of public spaces or improve the quality of life for private residents.

The Noise Policy Statement for England was published by the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in 2010. This document provides guidance on the Governments noise management policy and practices across all forms of noise. The only exception to the applicability of the noise policy, is occupational noise. Occupational noise is dealt with by the noise at work regulations.

Below are examples of how acoustic consultants are able to assist in various situations. At Completely Sound Limited we have experience in many areas of soundproofing and noise control. Click on the links below to learn more. Or get in contact to find out how we may be able to add value to your space.

Entertainment Noise


Amplified music and speech from a bar, club, or other event is often an essential part of the experience. In many contexts however, attention needs to be paid to the potentially adverse effects experienced by local residents or nearby businesses.

In the case of bars and clubs, ensuring sufficient sound insulation and noise control measures are detailed is very important. Having this input at an appropriate stage of the design can lead to significant long term cost savings and large reduction in the issues associated with having unhappy neighbours! A sound consultant will be able to provide detailed advice regarding the transmission of noise to sensitive areas. They will also provide reasonable, practical and cost effective advice regarding mitigation, monitoring and assessment.

Due to the more dense residential areas noise consultants in London, and other major cities, often have an increasing degree of experience in this area. As space becomes a premium, housing more people in close proximity to entertainment noise becomes inevitable. At Completely Sound Limited we have the experience required to provide practical advice regarding the control of such noise sources.

Preventing noise break out, or minimising noise intrusion is a key process in the design of many spaces. From bespoke studios and home cinemas, to noisy neighbours and adjacent traffic sources. Noise is generated in many forms and from many different sources.

Although specific advice and guidance will be highly dependant on the context of the situation, certain factors will be common. Generally, a noise consultant will be concerned with treating noise at source. This often where the most acoustically and financially efficient solution will lie. This will precede studying and interrupting the transmission path of the noise, before lastly considering how the receiving space may be adjusted to minimise adverse effect.

Completely Sound Limited have an array of knowledge on a range of noise control techniques, and would be happy to discuss your current situation with you to see if we can provide assistance.

Soundproofing and Noise Control

Noise control

Acoustic Standards and Guidance

There are many guidance documents in acoustics that cover a number of niche situations. Despite this, many noise consultants will have a few documents that they will refer to more often than others.

This section will provide you with an overview of some of the most widely used and important to understand documents used by acoustic consultants.

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