Entertainment Noise

Controlling Noise From Bars, Clubs, and Live Events.

Bars and Clubs

Protect local noise sensitive areas and spaces from excessive noise intrusion.

Live Events

Maintain amicable relationships with the the residents local to your site.

Open Air Activities

Many recreational activities have the potential for noise generation. Find out what you can do to minimise disturbance.

Amplified music and speech from a bar, club, or other event is often an essential part of the experience...

…In many contexts however, attention needs to be paid to potentially adverse effects experienced by local residents or nearby businesses. In the case of bars and clubs, ensuring sufficient sound insulation and noise control measures are detailed at an appropriate stage of the design can lead to significant long term financial savings and reduction in the hassle associated with having unhappy neighbours!

How we can help?

The first aspect to be considered will be the with regard to any existing separation that exists between the noise generating activity, and the space we with to protect from disturbance.

A typical sound insulation test, such as those used in the assessment of residential dwellings, focuses on a particular frequency range that is likely to be of relevance in domestic setting. A more careful focus on the assessment of low frequency noise, can be essential in the assessment of bars and clubs playing amplified music.

Once completed, data from such investigations can be used to assess the adequacy of the current construction, and advice provided regarding remedial work that could usefully be undertaken.   

Live Music Near to Residential Property

It may be the case that a study is required in order to assess the impact of a live event on specific areas of a nearby residential development.

In this case Completely Sound Limited are able to provide the knowledge and expertise to both complete the assessment, as well as advise on best practice, mitigation, or provide and monitor limiting noise levels to be used during an event.

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