Building Acoustics

Designing better sounding spaces.

Acoustic Design

Helping developers meet the requirements of Approved Document E.

Internal Noise Levels

Controlling and utilising noise from mechanical and electrical services.

External Noise Break-in

Ensure that external noise is controlled in order to maintain a suitable internal ambient noise level.

Building acoustics are a consideration for any space that will be occupied. The way that people interact with a space, and their subjective impression of it, can vary widely based on the architectural acoustic design. Achieving suitable reservation times and internal noise levels is essential. Whether for maintaining an environment suitable for communication, or creating a space that will enhance the performance of a piece of music.

Whether you require bespoke acoustic design solutions for novel a situation, or you simply need to meet the requirements of the UK building regulations, our consultants are able to provide an array of technically savvy and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of many design challenges.

Below are examples of different situations with varied building acoustic needs. At Completely Sound Limited we are able to advise and assist on a range of design challenges. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn how we can help you.

Example Building Acoustics Services.

Residential building design

The specific requirements of Approved Document E ensure that the minimum requirements of the UK building regulations are met. From planning, through to design and pre-completion testing, Completely Sound Limited will ensure that all areas are covered to provide you with peace of mind that your project will be completed both on time, and to the required acoustic standards.

Suitable acoustical conditions are a key element to any space in which communication, privacy, and concentration are essential.

From ensuring that open plan offices are designed with a suitable level of ambient noise (in order to provide masking sound for private conversations) to ensuring good speech intelligibility within meeting rooms and conference spaces. The design of the space can have a direct impact on the efficacy and efficiency of a work place team.

Office Acoustics

Healthcare Facilities

Health Technical Memorandum 08-01 provides detailed design advice regarding the performance of healthcare buildings. From the control of external noise sources and provision of adequate sound insulation, through to the acoustics of internal spaces such as audiology facilities and operating theatres, with experience working on some of the largest healthcare facilities in the UK, the consultants at Completely Sound Limited have to expertise to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard.

Are you are involved in the design or construction of any spaces used for educational purposes? If so, Completely Sound Limited can provide specialist advice to ensure that students, of all levels and learning abilities, are able to maximise their leaning experience, without hindrance from poor acoustical quality. Building bulletin 93 in conjunction with specific guidance provided by both the Institute of Acoustics, and the Association of Noise Consultants, provide performance standards to ensure that the design and construction of school buildings provide acoustic conditions that both enable, and support, effective teaching and learning.   

Educational Spaces

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