Office Acoustics

Helping to create an optimal work place environment

Speech Ineligibility

Ensure that communication is effectively delivered in key spaces.


Provide adequate privacy within sensitive areas of the building, such as executive offices, or meeting rooms

Ambient Noise levels

Create a suitable levels of ambient noise in order to allow for telephone communication, relaxation, or work requiring concentration.

Suitable acoustical conditions are a key element to any space in which communication, privacy, and concentration are all essential.

From ensuring that open plan offices are designed with a suitable level of ambient noise (in order to provide masking sound for private conversations) to ensuring good speech intelligibility within meeting rooms and conference spaces. The design of the space can have a direct impact on the efficacy and efficiency of a work place team.

BS 8223 provides guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings. This guidance document discusses, among other things, the optimal design ranges for indoor ambient noise levels in various unoccupied spaces, suitable sound insulation levels between spaces of varying sensitivity, and suitable sound levels in environments requiring telephone communication, or study and concentration.  

Since the establishment of the British Council for Offices in 1990, regular publications have been provided relating to the optimal design and construction of modern office environments. BCO has embarked on a mission to research, develop, and communicate best practice in all aspects of the office sector. It delivers this by providing a forum for the discussion and debate of relevant issues. Including the provision of good acoustical conditions.

How we can help?

The consultants at Completely Sound Limited have extensive experience in the design of such spaces, and are able to advise on all areas from planning, through fit out, into commissioning and testing.

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