Noise Survey & Impact Assessments

Noise Assessments

A noise Survey using BS 4142 to asses the effects of commercial and industrial sound.

Acoustic Monitoring

Long-Term noise surveys and noise survey reports for submission to local authorities.


Monitor and control the emission of noise, dust, and vibration.

Assessing the impact of our activities has never been more important. Noise Survey and Impact Assessments can help you get the approval you need!

From long-term vibration monitoring of construction activities, to a noise impact assessments that will allow the install of externally fixed plant items. The need to assess and report on our environmental impact is larger the ever.

At Completely Sound Limited we are specialists in undertaking noise surveys and providing impact assessment reports. Reports issued by us will be suitable for local authority submission. Take a look at an overview of some of our impact assessment services below, and feel free to click to learn more. Alternatively you can get in touch to talk to us directly.

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Example Noise Survey & Impact Assessment Services

BS 4142 Noise Survey

Noise Survey

This British Standard describes how to assess sound of an industrial or commercial nature. Providing guidance on collection of noise survey data, processing and rating of measured sound data, and the reporting of results.

Whether for planning consent, complaint investigation, or peace of mind, a noise assessment and report in accordance with BS 4142 is only a phone call away… or an email if you would prefer.

Noise, Dust & Vibration Management

Completely Sound Limited are able to provide comprehensive support in the control of Noise Dust, and Vibration emissions. Support that may be required during planning, demolition, or construction phases of a project.

Such support may include, for example, supply of detailed construction management plans or section 61 documentation to be submitted in support of planning applications. Support may also be provided in order to help and maintain relationships between contractors, building occupants, and/or residents of neighbouring properties.

An assessment of impact will draw on many objective factors that relate to Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality. These factors will concern the generation of emissions at source. It will then assess the path of propagation, and ultimately the human perception and resulting effects. Understanding this chain of events will allow our consultants to provide detailed advice specific to your situation.

Environmental Impact Assessments

In order to better understand the impact of your project, we are able to undertake and report on noise surveys, as well as provide impact assessments to cover a range of environmental pollutants, including vibration, dust, and a range of other airborne pollutants.

The primary legislation governing the process of environmental impact assessment in England is the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.

Long term noise surveys or monitoring of environmental pollutants may be required for a number of reasons. Whether as part of a site suitability study, monitoring of work site emissions, or demonstrating compliance with planning conditions. At Completely Sound Limited we are able to provide assistance and expertise in monitoring Noise, Air Quality, and Vibration.

Typical metrics used in the assessment of noise, dust and vibration will be collected analysed and reported in a time frame that meets the needs of your project. In the event of long-term monitoring, it is often useful to receive regular reports, summarising measured data. These can be provided at intervals that work for you and you project.

Long-Term Monitoring

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